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On-Site Hotel Guest Parking

Do you have a hotel room? This is the information for you!

On-Site Hotel Guest Self Parking: $23.43 $11.72*² per night
On-Site Hotel Guest Valet Parking: $30.88² per night

* Please note that On-Site Hotel Guest Parking Prices are 50% off only if you booked through or if you called the hotel and mentioned “Holiday Matsuri 2017.” If you used a third-party website, or booked through the OWCM Website directly without using our Group Code, you will not be able to get this benefit.

²Price does not include 12.5% Tax.

Does the discount apply to all of the nights of my stay, including the nights the convention isn’t running?

This will apply to all reservations, for all nights booked through or called into the hotel when mentioning “Holiday Matsuri 2017.”

Does it cost anything to leave/come back to the garage?

No, it does not! You will get unlimited in/out privileges.

Will I be able to park onsite for Saturday?

Yes, the hotel will guarantee one parking spot per hotel room.

How do I activate my hotel key to get in and out of the parking garage?

Once you drive into the garage, you will need to press the button to get a white ticket, and you will be let into the garage. Take that white parking pass to the front desk, and they will activate your key.

On-Site Non-Hotel Guest Parking

Not staying at the Orlando World Center Marriott, but coming to Holiday Matsuri?

On-Site Non-Hotel Guest Parking: $23.43 $11.72*

* Does not include Tax (12.5%)

On-Site Non-Hotel Guest Parking will not be available for Saturday. Please see off-site parking below.

What days can I receive the 50% Discount?

We will only have discounted parking passes available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Does it cost anything to leave/come back to the garage?

Yes, you will need to pay every time you exit the garage.

Will I be able to park onsite for Saturday?

The garage will close by Noon on Saturday to non-hotel guests. After the closure, non-hotel guests must use offsite parking (see below). This can occur as early as 10am, depending on when the garage is full enough to close the garage. After the garage all on-site parking will close to non-hotel guests.

Offsite Parking

Coming only for Saturday? Offsite parking is available!

Offsite Parking: FREE

Only available for Saturday, starting at 10am.

When will offsite parking be available?

Offsite parking will only be available on Saturday, starting at 11am.

Is Parking/Shuttle really free?

Yes, it is really free.

How often does the shuttle run?

We will be having variable times for shuttle bus runs, depending on the amount of traffic required.

How long is the shuttle ride?

15-25 minutes, depending on traffic.

When does the last shuttle run?

Last shuttle departs from the OWCM at 2:30am.