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Cosplay is a big part of our culture at Holiday Matsuri! We encourage Press and Photographers alike to join our convention. Here, you can get informed on how our 2017 Press/Photographer Policy will work.

Our 2017 Press will cover our events. In order to make it easier for Press to cover our convention, they are given special privileges to assist them in their work at the convention.

  • Early Access to all Events (Main/Special Events Only) to setup in Press Box, including Tripods.
  • Access to Interview Guests, Staff, Ambassadors and Volunteers (scheduling required)
  • Access to Press Interview Room for Interviews (scheduling required)
  • Special priority access to Registration (during Vendor setup) on Thursday, access to Priority Access line on other times
  • Passes are free for all Press

Press are required to cover at least one event, and provide links to their work after the convention.

2017 Photographer is a new concept to Holiday Matsuri! This year, we will be making it easier for Photographers that simply wish to attend the event without any stress of covering timed events. This is a limited-amount discounted pass, juried to keep it fair. Photographers will expect to have their profiles scrutinized, and a select amount of you will be granted access to purchase the discounted photography pass.

This pass has less stress than the Press Pass, but it won’t grant the same privileges as the Press pass. No early access or press box access will be given to Official Photographers. You’re free to take pictures, have shoots, and enjoy the convention at your leisure. All we ask is that we can use a minimum of two pictures/videos that you take at Holiday Matsuri 2017 to advertise you on our site and social media applications.

Why the change this year?

Many Press/Media, Staff, Volunteers and Attendees expressed their confusion on how our juried system worked, and their requirements and benefits, and the limits we placed on Press/Media in 2016.

In order to make the system easier, we have split up Press from Photographers to make it easier to understand! With this, we will also be able to offer a better system for our attendees; what photographers were on site, so if they get their picture taken by a Photographer. Instead of having a specific set of permissions for all of our Press/Media, we will have a global system for when Press and Photographers can be allowed into certain areas.

As a photographer, am I required to sign up under this system?

We hold the firm belief that anyone who attends Holiday Matsuri should be able to take a picture (as long as it is consentual!) Cosplay is a huge part of our convention, and we want to continue to boost it up. This system is to support those that would help our attendees with fantastic pictures, because you all are very important to us!

Professional photographers are not required to submit an application to host a shoot, but there are additional benefits for signing up as a Photographer for Holiday Matsuri 2017. We hope this new system will make it better for everyone. 😀

Open Press/Photographer Application