Staff Application (Closed)
. Staff applications are now closed. Access Control Applications are currently open. Access Control Applications close Dec 10, 2018 at 12:00 AM ET.

Looking for a different Holmat experience? Want to join an awesome team, work behind the scenes, and bring smiles to the faces of so many? Join Staff or Access Control teams today!
Get paid for working at the convention, meet the team, and build your resume!

Staff Access Control
  • Less flexible Hours
  • More responsibility
  • Hotel Rooms provided
  • More opportunities to see the back end of the convention.
  • Flexible Hours
  • Simple responsibilities
  • Formally “Volunteers”

NOTE: All Staff and Access Control teams will be paid for 2018. Access Control teams will be paid onsite.

Access Control Application
. Artist Application has begun processing as of June 1st, 2018 @ 12:00 AM ET. All applications that have not received an invite, or are submitted now will be added to the Artist Waitlist.

Are you an independent artist that wants to show off their craft in the Vendor Room?
Join us in the Vendor Room with a discounted table, just for Artist Alley!
6′ Artist Tables are $175. Application is required to attend.

Open Artist Application
. Guest Application is kept up year round, and the application is considered at different times during the year. Applications not considered in 2018 will be considered for future years.

Think you have what it takes to be a Guest at Holiday Matsuri? Apply today!

Guest Application
. Press/Photographer application has closed.

Are you a member of the media, a writer, journalist and want to help us cover the convention? Apply to the Press Application!
Members of the Press will be required to:

  • Required to cover assigned events.
  • Free Badge(s) provided

NOTE: Paid Photoshoots are only permitted for accepted Press and Photographers. All of the Press Badges are permitted to host Paid Photoshoots. Free photoshoots are permitted by any person at Holiday Matsuri regardless of application status.

Press Application is Closed
. Photographer application is closed.

Are you a hobby or professional Photographer/Videographer looking to host photo shoots at Holmat?
Become a Holmat Certified Holmat Photographer by applying to the Photographer Application.
Attendee, Cosplayer, and Photographer safety is the utmost importance at Holiday Matsuri.
By applying to become a Certified Photographer Attendees and Cosplayers will know that you are reputable photographer and give you access to the Photo Room.

Certified Photographers will receive:

  • A Certified Photographer Pass proving you’re certified by Holmat.
  • A Discounted Pass to Holmat, but wont be required to cover any events

This program is open to all photographers, including Paid or Free Photographers. Free Photographers are offered the same discount opportunity for this program as the Paid Photographers. However, Photographers must have a Holiday Matsuri Badge (Press, Staff, 3-Day, VIP, Guest, Photographer, Vendor, Artist badges all apply) in order to sell, advertise, and hold any paid photoshoot events in the Orlando World Center Marriott. Anyone who wishes to take a picture for free is permitted to do so at any time (with permission of the subject, of course!)

Photographer Application (Closed)