The LARGEST winter holiday themed Anime, Gaming, and Cosplay Convention in the US!

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On Facebook, we have over 7,000 likes as of September 12, 2017.

Each post regularly reaches over 1,000 people, with our most popular posts reaching over 10,000 people!

Our weekly organic reach fluctuates between 30,000 and 100,000 and grows as we get closer to the convention.

After the convention there is an overwhelming amount people tagging Holiday Matsuri in their Cosplay Pictures and Videos.

Our Facebook Livestreams are reaching over 1,000 people regularly now, and that audience is growing!

1100+ followers on


On Twitter, we have over 700 followers!

The Hashtag #HolMat reaches 15,000 people per week!

#HolidayMatsuri reaches over 175,000 people per week!

We have extensive plans to expand our Twitter Audience and reach to bring a further market, and you can be part of this!

80,000+ Reach on our

Website has been around for seven years and has collected extensive data.

The website has been newly renovated for easier access to information about the convention from multiple device types.

Over 10,000 individuals visit monthly, including a vast 65% being Mobile Device Viewers!

We keep extensive Analytics on our Facebook, Twitter and Website.

Age Groups:

18-24 (63%)
25-34 (23%)
35-44 (8%)
45-54 (4%)


55% Female

55% Female


  • Comics & Animation Fans
  • TV Lovers
  • Technophiles
  • Video Gamers
  • Movie Lovers
  • Shutterbugs
  • Shoppers
  • Roleplaying Gamers
  • Music Lovers

We have numerous opportunities to build your brand with Cosplayers, Gamers, Anime Fans and even Tourists! Many make Orlando a vacation destination, with Holiday Matsuri being a central part of that vacation.

  • Lanyards are given out with each attendee. Your branding can be on these, which will be seen in many pictures, many that go viral on the internet!
  • Our Trusses are always decorated with large banners, with the year’s artwork, which many take pictures of.
  • Trusses to entrances can be outfitted with large Television Screens that can play your advertising to passers by.
  • T-Shirts can be given out to attendees as prizes at the convention, which many wear around on Sunday, giving advertising to your brand.
  • Our major sponsors are advertised on our Main Events Stage frequently
  • Viewing rooms have the opportunity to play your video footage between viewing events
  • Orlando World Center Marriott has many wall, column and window dressing opportunities, which can be in the background of famous pictures around the convention

Many other opportunities are available. If you’re interested in being part of Holiday Matsuri as a sponsor, contact us!

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