FAQ,Policies, Rules, and Regulation

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Our new Bag Check and Backpack Maximum Requirements are listed in our Dress Code.
Dress Code
Disclaimers, Agreements


Registration is located to the East of the Escalators coming down from the Parking Garage.

If you are coming from the parking garage: at the bottom of the Escalator, immediately go left.

If you are coming from the hotel: Head towards signs for the Parking Garage, you’ll see it just after the Escalator to the Parking Garage.

Your EventBrite Purchase should have emailed you a QR Code. If you have not received a QR Code, please use our Contact Page and contact us so we can make sure you get this information. Please note that you can also receive your QR Codes by logging into the EventBrite App on your Smartphone.

You can find the EventBrite App by searching “EventBrite” on the App Store/Google Play Store.

The following tickets can utilize the “Registration Priority Line.” This line is worked first before the other lines.

  • Founder Pass (Purchased any year)
  • Forever Festive Pass (Purchased any year)
  • VIP Passes (2018 Purchase Only)

In addition, the following people may utilize the Registration Priority Line, if they have received official status from Holiday Matsuri Leadership:

  • Guest
  • Staff
  • Volunteer

Please proceed directly to the Artist/Vendor Relations table located in Palms Ballroom. This should be located on the northeast side of the Vendor Hall. You can drive into the North dock just after the Parking Garage.

Yes! You can purchase Single-Day Passes on our Registration page: holidaymatsuri.com/registration

Yes, you may do this online or at the show. If you wish to do this online, please use the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-transfer-to-a-different-event-or-ticket-type on EventBrite and follow the instructions. If you wish to do this at the Show, you may also do the same.

Tickets are non-refundable under any circumstances, but are transferrable before October 15th. After October 15th, all passes become non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-editable, but you may upgrade them if you wish (see above).

Only those with Priority Line Access may use the Priority LIne. If all of the tickets are under the same person, that person may pick up all of the passes (regardless of the type.)
Yes, if supplies are still available, you may follow the instructions on this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/How_To/how-to-transfer-to-a-different-event-or-ticket-type and you can upgrade your ticket. Please note that we cannot upgrade VIP Tickets when supplies have run out, and we do not offer VIP Upgrades at the door.

A limited subset of Forever Festive Passes are available on our Eventbrite! http://holidaymatsuri.com/registration Hurry, we are almost out!

Children age 0-5 can enter into Holiday Matsuri for free. Children age 6 to 12 will pay a reduced price of $20. All those age 13 or older will need to pay for a normal pass. Children passes do not include lanyards and credentials-style passes.

Refunds on booths are provided on a case-by-case basis, which is reviewed by our vendor team.


Holiday Matsuri is at the Orlando World Center Marriott, which is a state-of-the-art facility which conforms above and beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Access from the Garage is easily done from plentiful elevator access, and access to the Hotel is readily available via Elevators and Escalators. The entire convention center is on the same level, which is easily accessible at all times. Handicap accessible trams are offered from Handicapped Self-Parking to the Front Desk.

Holiday Matsuri offers handicap accessible seating on a first-come, first-serve basis. The innermost chairs on the inner aisle in Main and Special Events are reserved for the Handicapped Person’s Guest. The Orlando World Center Marriott also offers a variety of ways to improve accessibility throughout the Hotel and Convention Center. You can review the Accessibility options on their official website at: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/fact-sheet/travel/mcowc-orlando-world-center-marriott/#accessbility


We will prevent the usage of any metallic materials. This includes (but is not limited to), Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, etc. Metal security screws are allowed as long as they are only used for securing two pieces of permitted materials together, and are not sharp, or pointy in any way.
No props may have any sharp edges that make it easy to slice anything. All edges must be dulled, and each occurrence of dull testing will be handled by Public Safety, on a case-by-case basis.
All props must be able to easily fit through a single 9′ door.
All props must be able to be moved with two people at the maximum.

Any fake weaponry must have a Neon Orange Tip placed on the barrel at all times.

Realistic-looking barrels must be filled with Glue or any Permanent Hard-to-Remove Substance.

Any weaponry that can actively fire any projectile (regardless of method) is not permitted. For specifics:

  • Airsoft: Airsoft guns are not permitted, even if firing mechanisms are removed.
  • Replica Firearms: Replica Firearms are permitted, as long as the replica was designed to be a display, not a fireable replica. Please see the above restriction on realistic-looking fake weaponry.
  • Nerf/Foam Firing: Weapons that can fire foam pellets, darts or such other things actively are not permitted. These weapons can be permitted if their trigger has their spring/firing mechanism removed or rendered permanently inoperable (such as gluing down the firing mechanisms).
  • Liquid/Gas Firing: Any props that expel any kind of liquid or gas when triggered are not permitted inside the Convention Center or Hotel.
  • Confetti/Glitter Firing: Any props that fire Confetti or Glitter is not permitted in the Hotel or Convention Center.

Powered Wheeled Vehicles are not permitted inside the Orlando World Center Marriott Hotel or Convention center unless they are mobility scooters, wheelchairs, or some other single-seat accessibility-improving vehicle (such as a powered wheelchair, powered scooter, etc.) This includes, but is not limited to, RC Cars, scooters, powered skateboards, and “hoverboards.”

The throwing of items is not permitted under any circumstance. This can also include throwing glitter and confetti.

Firearms of any kind are not permitted anywhere in the Hotel or Convention Center. Those found with firearms will be asked to leave the premises with the weapon.

Footwear must always be worn, and all footwear have a protective soft-shell bottom, such as cloth, rubber, or soft plastic. Steel/Aluminium Cleats are not permitted in the Orlando World Center Marriott (including while not being worn) due to our “No Sharp Objects” and “No Steel” policies.

“Barefoot” shoes, such as those with a clear plastic bottom, and a nude stretching fabric securing the sole to your foot is permitted, as an alternative to making your cosplay look “Barefoot.”

Holiday Matsuri is not responsible for any injuries you incur during your participation due to inadequate footwear (or any other reason). Please be responsible and wear footwear that protects your feet.

Vaping is not permitted inside the convention rooms, and the hallways in front of the convention rooms, except when it is involved in Cosplay for a Cosplay Contest. Smoking of any kind is not permitted in any areas of the hotel (including Convention Rooms, Hotel Balconies, and Hotel rooms), except in clearly marked, designated smoking areas.

If you purchase weaponry from the Exhibition Hall, it must be kept in its original packaging until you get back to your room or car. If you wish to use the Weaponry for a cosplay, you must proceed to the Weapon Check desk located in Registration and present it to them in the original packaging, where they will make a determination on its viability (see the above restrictions).
If your prop is rejected by our weapon’s check desk, you must return it back to your hotel room or car. Holiday Matsuri will not store your rejected props.

The first time you break the prop policies, you will be escorted to the Weapon Check desk to check in your prop. The second time, your pass will be revoked without refund.


At Holiday Matsuri, we hold the firm stance that Cosplay is NOT Consent; just by being in a Cosplay does not Consent photographers to take your picture without permission. However, Holiday Matsuri believes in a further stance, that everyone, regardless if you are in Cosplay or Not, deserves the right to be asked before pictures are being taken. As the entire Orlando World Center Marriott Campus is private property, per law, a reasonable expectation of privacy is accepted. Those that are found taking pictures without permission will be warned once. A second infraction will result in a revocation of your pass without refund, as well as being escorted off of the property.
Harassment of any kind is not permitted. This includes bullying, touching, or rude remarks. Situations of harassment are dealt with very harshly, and will result in action being taken, but can range from a verbal warning to revocation of passes, and escorted off the property. Convention Staff are available at all times to deal with situations of harassment. Look for Red Public Safety Shirts if you need any assistance with this kind of issue.

You may not take pictures in the following areas:

  • Hotel Registration Desk
  • Hotel Spa
  • Hotel Exercise Room
  • Escalators
  • Elevators
  • Guest Signing Area
  • Registration Room
  • 18+ Events

Those found to be taking pictures in these areas will be asked to stop.

Unless otherwise posted by the Artist in question, all Artist Alley booths are “Opt-In” Photography; you may not take pictures of an Artist Booth unless prior authorization is given by the Artist.
Photography is allowed for Exhibitors and Vendors but an Exhibitor or Vendor has the right to post “No Photography Permitted” signs to turn off photography for their booth.
You may not utilize Tripods, Backdrops or Free-Standing Lights in the following areas:

  • Hotel Lobby
  • Any doorway, walkway or throughway.
  • Any of the hallways behind the Central and East Hallway Paywalls.
  • All of the Restaurants, including 24/7 Central Pantry, Siro Urban Italian Kitchen, Solaris, High Velocity, Hawk’s Landing Steakhouse & Grille, Mikado Japanese Steakhouse, Falls Pool Bar & Grill, and Starbucks.
  • Hotel Store(s)
Our convention has a Paid Photoshoot Policy. No one, without a purchased badge for Holiday Matsuri, may offer, solicit or advertise a Paid Photoshoot while on Orlando World Center Marriott grounds.

This program does not apply to anyone simply wishing to take pictures in general. This only applies to photographers and videographers that wish to use the OWCM grounds for their personal and professional photoshoots. Free group photoshoots, and people simply wishing to take pictures of the convention may do so at any time without recourse.
  • If you wish to assist with coverage of our convention: You can sign up for our Press Program. You will be offered up to 4 passes (determined by need, capability and availability) for free. You will be required to cover one or more official events and provide Video/Photos to Holiday Matsuri for future use. Press will be given prime access to Events and the Vendors Room for ease of access for their pictures.
  • If you do not wish to assist in coverage, but want to host paid photoshoots: You can sign up for our Photographer program. Photographers are offered discount passes, which grant the same rights as a 3-day pass. You will be able to host paid photoshoots on OWCM grounds at any time.
  • If you wish to host free photoshoots, but not paid photoshoots: You can sign up for our Photographer Program. Free Photographers will be given a small “photographer” pass, which does not grant access to Holiday Matsuri, but signifies to cosplayers that you are vetted by Holiday Matsuri. If you wish to become a Free Photographer with access to Holiday Matsuri, you may apply to the Photographer Program (see Applications).

Please note: For Press/Photographer Application, acceptance is based on past works. Make sure your social media/website has examples of updated work, and has recent activity regarding your work.


It costs $159 USD per night to stay at the Orlando World Center Marriott. That’s almost half off of current prices!

Overnight Hotel Guests

We will have On-Site Parking, one space guaranteed for each room in the OWCM Parking Garage. Parking at the OWCM Parking Garage will cost roughly $11.50 plus tax per night per vehicle.

Non-Hotel Guests

Parking will not be available onsite if you are not a hotel guest. Please stay tuned for future parking information!

No, you must purchase through holidaymatsuri.com/hotel or call the Hotel Reservation Hotline directly, and mention Holiday Matsuri 2018 Group.

No, you must pay full price to utilize Valet Parking.

  • All reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit or guaranteed with a major credit card. Deposits collected will apply to the final bill.
  • Reservations cancelled within 72 hours of arrival will forfeit one night’s room revenue.
  • Reservations counted as “no shows” will still forfeit one night’s room revenue.
  • Reservations must be received prior to Monday, November 20, 2017 at 11:59pm. Reservations may not be accepted after this date.
When you check in, OWCM places a Pre-Authorization charge on your card. This shows up as a pending charge temporarily. It may take up to two (2) weeks to clear the charge. This charge is used for incidentals (charges made to the room, such as food, room service, etc.)
December 12 to December 20, 2017.
All of the pools on property are heated throughout the year, but their temperature may fluctuate depending on the ambient temperature.
No equipment is allowed on the slides (cameras, phones)
Minimum height: 48″
Maximum Weight: 300 lbs.
Yes, it is located next to G.R.I.D.
Yes, but you must contact Orlando World Center Marriott’s reservation line to do this. We do not have any capability of selling Suites through the website. Sorry!
Yes, standard wifi internet is included for up to 6 devices.
Want to make your stay even better? Opt in to the $25/night resort package. Here’s the awesome benefits you get as part of this package:

  • Enhanced in-room wireless internet for up to 6 devices: Upgraded from the Free Standard Wireless Internet provided, you can stream your favorite movies, games and videos from the comfort of your luxury room!
  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calls: Keep in contact with your loved ones while you’re over in Orlando!
  • Bottled Water (two 10oz bottles) replenished once daily: Walking around the con is thirsty business, make sure you keep hydrated!
  • Daily Scheduled Shuttle Service to all Disney Parks for up to 4 guests: Don’t drive and pay extra parking; let OWCM drive you to the Disney Parks!
  • Daily Credit of $10 towards dry cleaning (not cumulative): Save on dry cleaning, and get your stuff cleaned by the experts at OWCM!
  • Daily Bucket of Practice Balls at the Driving Range: Like some golf? Shoot some golf balls on the Driving Range!


Panels that use any of the following are banned:

  • Food
  • Liquid, Gels, Sols (such as Whipped Cream, Silly String, etc.)
  • Fine Confetti, Glitter
  • Real Weaponry
  • Full Nudity
  • Smoking (including Vaping)

We also do not permit the following types of panels:

  • Illegal Materials, Services, Goods or Methods: We do not allow the promotion of illegal activities at Holiday Matsuri.
  • Buy/sell/trade Panels: Sorry, we have a Vendor Room for this reason!
  • Photoshoot Panels: We have numerous public photoshoot locations around the convention center and hotel to host your public photoshoot.
  • Gaming Tournaments: We have a game room with numerous tables to host these tournaments.
  • Promotion of Hate, Exclusion or Bullying: We are an accepting convention of all walks of life. Those that do not respect this will not be allowed to utilize our space or be at the convention.

Holiday Matsuri Staff have the right to manage the inclusion or exclusion of Panels at any time. Holiday Matsuri may increase or decrease the priority of any panel for any or no reason at their discretion.

Once we receive enough panel submissions, we will start scheduling panels. There will be at least two weeks notice when this occurs.

Panel application is online at http://imper1umdesigns.com/hmschedule

Panels will be located close to the convention space.

All of the panels are eligible for 18+ Events this year after 10pm, but not all will be granted this status.

We seek to start assembling the Panel Schedule by September, but it can happen earlier or later, depending on how many submissions we get. In general, we do not start assembling the panel schedule until two weeks after this point has reached (we will make an announcement on Facebook when this deadline is hitting).

Yes. We put panels higher on the list due to the following factors (in no particular order):

  • Previous Great Panels (at the convention or other conventions)
  • Well-known Panel Host
  • Popular Subject Submissions
  • Well put together Panel Name and Description, with information on that it looks like you have an exciting panel planned.

Things that can lower your priority:

  • Panels that don’t have a lot of description
  • Panel Host that cancelled a panel in previous years
  • Subject does not seem relate to Holiday Matsuri audience

Things that do not adjust your priority:

  • Controversial Subjects (as long as they relate to the Holiday Matsuri audience)

Up to two people per panel can get money for panel hours. Each Panel hour worked grants $10 USD, which you must appear at the Access Control Desk prior to 6pm on Sunday to receive your credit.

Dress Code

All people at Holiday Matsuri must meet the following “Minimum Clothing Requirements.” As a general rule, we follow the “Swimsuit” rule. For example, if it wouldn’t be acceptable at a Public Pool, its not acceptable at Holiday Matsuri.

  • No Genitalia must be showing
  • Butt cracks must be fully covered, all the way up to the crease between the Buttocks
  • Nipples, including Areola must be covered

All attending Holiday Matsuri must meet the following Shoe Requirements:

  • Footwear must include a Rubber or Plastic Sole.
  • Footwear must not have Metal Spikes. Soft rubber cleats that are not sharp are okay.
  • Footwear must not be Rollerblades, Rollerskates, or Ice Skates. While it is okay to carry these items, Rollerblades, Rollerskate or Ice Skates may not be worn on Hotel/Convention Center Property at any time.
  • No footwear is only acceptable at the Pool, and footwear must be worn as soon as the Attendee goes inside.
  • “Naked Footwear” (clear Plastic sole with a Flesh-tone strap) is acceptable at the Convention, however, the Plastic Sole must be entirely covering the foot, and no skin must come in contact with the Floor.

All costumes must be able to be fit through an 8′ Doorway, with the exception of showing off at any of the Contests.

Signs may only be shown if it is part of the Cosplay (for example, Phoenix Wright’s “Objection” sign). Signs advertising or advocating (for or against) a cause, person, or idea are not permitted at any time. Signs advertising things for sale, including for free (“Free Hugs”) signs are not permitted at any time.

Yaoi Paddles (Wooden, Plastic, or Metal Oars with writing on them) are not permitted at any time in the Hotel or Convention Center. Anyone seen striking anyone with such items will be removed from the Convention without refund.

Attendees violating the Dress Code will be asked to return to their vehicle or hotel room to change, or put away any items violating the rules. Repeat violators will have their pass revoked without refund.

To speed up and facilitate our new bag check requirements, we are only allowing Medium Backpacks or smaller beyond either of the Holiday Matsuri Gates. Larger backpacks (Mountain Backpacks, Duffel Bags) will not be allowed past either checkpoint, and you must return those items to your Hotel Room or Car.

By entering Holiday Matsuri, you permit Holiday Matsuri’s Staff and Orlando World Center Marriott the ability to search your bags for items that are not permitted at the convention.

For Idol Fest, Benefit Ball and the Holiday Rave, these events have additional restrictions: Only small purses, fanny packs and sling bags will be permitted inside the room during these events.

Holiday Matsuri will not store any items not allowed past checkpoints, and will not be responsible for any items left unattended.

Disclaimers, Releases and Agreements

Holiday Matsuri is owned by HMConventions, LLC. It makes no guarantees regarding the appearance of guests, panels, or performance groups.
As part of your purchase of a pass and/or attendance of the event, you wholly agree to the following release:

I recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with attending the event. I hereby RELEASE and DISCHARGE all responsibilities of HMConventions, LLC (owner of Holiday Matsuri), its staff, affiliates, volunteers and proprietors from all responsibility of loss, damage, theft, or injury (including death) occurring as a result of my, or my family’s attendance, presence or participation in the event. I agree to Indemnify and Defend HMConventions, LLC against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may, in any way, arise from my attendance, presence or participation in the event.

As part of your purchase of a pass and/or attendance of the event, you wholly agree to the following agreement:

I agree to respect the grounds of Orlando World Center Marriott, and its surrounding grounds. I agree that both HMConventions, LLC and Marriott, its staff, affiliates, and officers have the right to demand payment for any damage I make to the facilities, products or grounds of the Orlando World Center Marriott, or any of the Holiday Matsuri property. I also agree that if HMConventions, LLC or Marriott deems it necessary, that I will release my passes (if any have been provided to me) to Holiday Matsuri on request, and I will be removed from the Orlando World Center Marriott grounds.

As part of your purchase of a pass/attendance at the event, you wholly agree to the following:

I understand that Holiday Matsuri is considered a safe, accepting space for all. As such, I understand that I am not authorized to make any hateful speech putting down a person (in attendance or not), or bully another person at the event. I understand that, if I choose to violate this agreement that I may be warned, and further violations will result in Holiday Matsuri requiring I relinquish my passes (if I have been provided any) without refund, and removal from the convention areas.

At Holiday Matsuri 2017, our social media team will be taking pictures, video and audio recordings throughout the day. While our team will strive to ask people that are the primary focus of a recording if they wish to be recorded, many pictures, video and audio recordings will be of large swaths of the convention center. By attending the event, you wholly agree to the following photography release:

I understand that there will be video, audio and picture recording devices active owned by HMConventions, LLC and their affiliates recording the event. I hereby RELEASE my likeness and voice to be used in advertisement, discussion and any other materials deemed necessary as a result of being recorded at the event.

This agreement only applies to Vendors, Exhibitors and Artists of Holiday Matsuri 2017. By purchasing a table/booth at Holiday Matsuri 2017, you wholly agree to following agreement:

I understand that my company is attending of my own free will. As part of my attendance at Holiday Matsuri, I agree with all the above agreements for myself, my affiliates and employees. I understand that my company is responsible for the actions of my employees, and, if my employees violate any of the rules, my company may be subject to additional fines, penalties, as well as my company’s removal from Holiday Matsuri without refund.

The directors and owners of HMConventions LLC, the management of the Orlando World Center Marriott, and Orange County Sheriff’s Office retains the right to remove you from the property for any reason without refund if you violate the policies of Holiday Matsuri or the Orlando World Center Marriott, or violate any laws of Orlando, Orange County, Florida, or the United States.

If you are removed from Holiday Matsuri by any of the permitted removal entities as listed above, you may not be permitted to return to the Orlando World Center Marriott Campus for the entirety of Holiday Matsuri, with the exception of retrieving your personal items from the Convention Center/Hotel. Egregious violations of law or policy may also prevent your participation in future years of Holiday Matsuri, at the discretion of the Directors and Owners of HMConventions LLC.

Regulated drugs (such as Prescription Drugs) are not permitted on the Orlando World Center Marriott campus grounds unless you hold an active prescription for the specified drug. Schedule 1 Drugs are not permitted on the Orlando World Center Marriott campus grounds at any time. Carrying and use of THC-type drugs are only permitted if you carry a medical marijuana permit, and only up to the maximum limit as permitted by law.

Violations of Drug policies will be immediately referred to Orange County Sheriff’s Office for possible violations of the law.

Smoking of Cigars, Cigarettes, and THC-type chemicals are only permitted in designated smoking areas. The use of vaporizers is only permitted in Designated Smoking areas.

The Orlando World Center Marriott is a non-smoking facility. We urge you not to smoke in your hotel room, as the Marriott will charge you a significant cleaning fee, which can be significant. Please note that smoking on the balcony is not permitted as well, and can incur the same smoking room recovery fee.