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Dejavudea 2017-03-30T06:19:11+00:00

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Deanna, “Dejavudea”, is a YouTuber and cosplayer from the East Coast, USA! Since her viral video “Cosplay! Do It Right Or Not At All!”, she has grown her YouTube channel into a haven for love and acceptance with both educational content, Japan vlogs, as well as convention vlogs from her travels to anime conventions across the country! Some of her most notable cosplays include Honoka (Love Live! School Idol Project), Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), and Takamina the 5th (AKB0048) and she is always looking for opportunities to grow and educate the cosplay community. Between conventions she is usually wrangling her YouTube-based dance group, Dansu To Pantsu, and has functioned as a founder and co-leader of the group since 2011.

She is very excited to be attending Holiday Matsuri as a guest this year and looks forward to experiencing Florida anime culture and being outside of her typical convention circuit!

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