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Jen Cohn

Jen Cohn

Days Appearing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Signing Times: Fri 3p & 5:30p, Sat 1:30p & 5p, Sun 230p
Events: Voice Actors (Main Events) Friday @ 12p, Voice Actor Holiday Special (Main Events) Sunday @ 1p

NOTE: Schedule and Signing Times are subject to change. Stay tuned to our social media for up-to-date information!

Jen Cohn is a New York City based voice over actress. In addition to her role as ‘Pharah’ in Overwatch, You’ve heard her voice ‘Lord Zash’ in Star Wars:The Old Republic, and many characters in the GTA games – as well as Zuko and Azula’s mother ‘Ursa’ in Avatar: The Last Airbender.  When not doing voiceovers for video games, animation, and commercials, Jen can be found running around New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, interviewing designers, trend scouting and consulting new brands. You can also see her playing Emily Ratajkowski’s mom in the upcoming movie CRUISE, coming to theaters this Summer.

Connect with Jen Cohn:
Instagram: @fashiondilettante
Twitter: @heyitsjencohn