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Manchii 2017-10-05T22:28:54+00:00

Project Description


MManchii-Franchii moved to Florida in 2001 and instantly felt at home with the giant Anime Conventions scene. Considered a founding member of the Cosplay Community over 30 years ago, Manchi was teaching prop and costume making before online tutorials and when Anime was called Japanimation!
At Cons, Manchii is known for Prop Making, Monster Making, Cosplayer, DJ, Costumer, Panelist, and a Fighting Ring Master.

He also enjoy Videogames, Dancing, RC, Furry, Legos, anything Electric, and of coarse his cosplaying family.

Manchii will again be running Holmat’s ‘Horizon’ themed Boffer Pit giving away a ‘HZD Thunderjaw Statue’ as the main prize!

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