Project Description

Michael Hamm

Guest Biography:

Michael Hamm is a Canadian geek, model, Cosplayer, and social media personality who has spent his entire life immersed in comic books, cartoons, and action figures. First attending conventions strictly as a fan, it wasn’t until 2014 at his hometown convention Michael fell in love with Cosplay. Always excitedly, and impatiently waiting for Halloween Michael was ecstatic to get the chance to dress as his favorite characters more than once a year. Upon learning about cosplay he jumped at the chance to mix his nerdy hobbies with his passion for modelling. This was a match made in heaven for Michael as it allowed him to fall deep in love with each, but also let him find his love for cosplay. Less than 5 years later there is no looking back as Michael has turned out almost 50 looks and was able to take this new passion and turn it into a full time career! In those 5 years Michaelhas been able to amass a large following on social networking sites which has allowed him to not only support and further his career, but allowed him a platform to share his passion with others and help them break out of their shells. Whether an invited guest, a panelist, a judge, or just a fan, Michael strives to promote that Cosplay is about more than costumes, it’s about enjoying your passions and doing whatever makes you happy.