Project Description

TWIIN Cosplay

Guest Biography:

TWIIN Cosplay is a cosplay duo formed by Shema and Juan. Both who started cosplaying four years ago and which during this time they have become one of the well known cosplay teams in America and with a growing presence around the world.

Both have participated in multiple international Competitions as a team and solos participants including the one that debuted them as a duo: The WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT at Japan. In which, with their project of The Legend of ZELDA: Majora’s Mask, they were awarded as Grand Champions for the 2015 edition of the contest.  

Their passion for this art and their detailed work have gave them the opportunity to work alongside several international video games and anime companies like LEAGUE of LEGENDS, BANDAI NAMCO and TOEI Animation.

They have got the honor to been invited as judges for several cosplay competitions worldwide like the European Cosplay Gathering at France and the World Cosplay Summit Championship at Japan and also as cosplay guests in more than one hundred different events from all around the world!