Manchii MManchii-Franchii moved to Florida in 2001 and instantly felt at home with the giant Anime Conventions scene. Considered a founding member of the Cosplay Community over 30 years ago, Manchi was teaching prop and costume making before online tutorials and when Anime was called Japanimation! At Cons, Manchii is known [...]

KayBear Cosplay


KayBear Cosplay An award-winning cosplayer, freelance artist, model, and gamer, Kay Bear is a personality new to the cosplay world! Starting her cosplay journey May of 2015, Kay Bear has created over 25 costumes in this short time, quickly gained a large online following and traveled to numerous conventions around the U.S [...]

Kristen Hughey


Kristen Hughey B y combining her intense love of gaming, skills in crafting and sewing, and zest for learning, Kristen Hughey was able to bring her own fantasy to life and become an internet personality, entertainer, and international costumer. What started as an outlet to meet local, like-minded friends quickly became a [...]

Alyson Tabbitha


Alyson Tabbitha AAlyson Tabbitha is a Florida based cosplayer, artist, and makeup artist that likes to play dress up and create things. Connect with Alyson Tabbitha: @AlysonTabbithaOfficial

Moderately Okay Cosplay


Moderately Okay Cosplay JJohn (Moderately Okay Cosplay) is a Florida based cosplayer who has been actively contributing to the cosplay community since 2013. During this time he has created over 60 different cosplays from anime, video game, and comic book genres. He is most well-known for his Final Fantasy cosplays [...]

Leaping Lizard Cosplay


Leaping Lizard Cosplay D Leaping Lizard Cosplay, or just Liz for short, has been cosplaying since 2007. Currently residing out of beautiful Goodland, Kansas, Liz lives by the motto, “Cositivity: Positivity in Cosplay.” Liz is first and foremost a video game addict. That said, her cosplay portfolio covers a vast [...]



AKrCos AAKrCos is a North Florida based crossplay and cosplayer. She began cosplaying in 2014 and creates costumes based on characters from all forms of media including anime, cartoons, comic books, and video games. Connect with AKrCos @AKrCos

Indra Rojas


Indra Rojas I Indra Rojas is an artist and cosplayer who, for many years, has worked behind-the-scenes in the cosplay community. A few years ago, she was part of the cast for Syfy’s television series “Heroes Of Cosplay”, and was the first U.S representative in China’s International Cartoon and Animation Festival [...]

Colossal Smidgen Cosplay


Colossal Smidgen Cosplay C Colossal Smidgen was raised in Texas and moved to Florida for the sole purpose of cosplaying. She finished school just a couple a years ago, and now has her eyes set straight on cosplay. She fell in love with the art of cosplay and works towards [...]

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