Raziki Slice


Raziki Slice Raziki Slice is the collaborative effort between Dylan Kirkpatrick, and a small bird named Raziki that lives under his hat. They've DJ'd at a wide variety of events and clubs, ranging from weekly at "The Regency" in Springfield MO, headlined internationally at Anime North in Toronto, and a talent scout winner at [...]

KayBear Cosplay


KayBear Cosplay An award-winning cosplayer, freelance artist, model, and gamer, Kay Bear is a personality new to the cosplay world! Starting her cosplay journey May of 2015, Kay Bear has created over 25 costumes in this short time, quickly gained a large online following and traveled to numerous conventions around the U.S [...]

Kristen Hughey


Kristen Hughey By combining her intense love of gaming, skills in crafting and sewing, and zest for learning, Kristen Hughey was able to bring her own fantasy to life and become an internet personality, entertainer, and international costumer. What started as an outlet to meet local, like-minded friends quickly became a [...]

Charlet Chung


Charlet Chung is a Japanese/Korean-American television and film actor who is also the voice of D.Va from Blizzard Entertainment’s OVERWATCH and Seraph from CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III.  Her extensive list of on-screen credits include appearances on truTV’s FAMELESS, Netflix’s GRACE AND FRANKIE and FreeForm’s MYSTERY GIRLS, just to name a [...]

J. Michael Tatum


J. Michael Tatum Nurtured on anime classics from the tender age of Star Blazers, et al, this reclusive fanboy-turned-voice actor/writer/ADR director/flake extraordinaire spent more years than he cares to remember in what might charitably be called free-fall before landing, mostly by accident, smack dab on the industry of his dreams. To [...]

Cafe Peko Peko


Cafe Peko Peko C Cafe Peko Peko was created by two best friends, Aki and Kisa, who were inspired by the Japanese sub-culture of anime and everything fuwa fuwa. We hope that fuwa feeling can be felt from here to you~! Café Peko Peko is an independent convention-based maid café. We are [...]

Brandon McInnis


Brandon McInnis Brandon McInnis is a voice, stage, and film actor who has lived and worked as a translator and interpreter in Japan. Credits include Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings Online), Keita Amano (Gamers!), Samon Gokū (NANBAKA), Corteo (91 Days), Sōnosuke Izayoi (Danganronpa 3), Dr. Love (ēlDLIVE), Patrick Phelps (Black [...]

Alyson Tabbitha


Alyson Tabbitha Alyson Tabbitha is a Florida based cosplayer, artist, and makeup artist that likes to play dress up and create things. Days Appearing: Friday, Saturday, Sunday Prices: 4x6: $5 8x12: $10 11x16: $20 Autographs/Photos: Free Connect with Alyson Tabbitha: @AlysonTabbithaOfficial https://www.facebook.com/AlysonTabbithaOfficial https://www.youtube.com/user/AlysonTabbitha https://www.instagram.com/alysontabbitha/ https://twitter.com/alysontabbitha http://alysontabbitha.tumblr.com/ http://alysontabbitha.deviantart.com/ [...]

Moderately Okay Cosplay


Moderately Okay Cosplay JJohn (Moderately Okay Cosplay) is a Florida based cosplayer who has been actively contributing to the cosplay community since 2013. During this time he has created over 60 different cosplays from anime, video game, and comic book genres. He is most well-known for his Final Fantasy cosplays [...]

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