The Casual Warrior’s Kimono-Ya


Booth Number(s): TBA The Casual Warrior’s Kimono-ya was started in 2013 to share the beauty of kimono with the world. Though the kimono is a quintessentially Japanese garment, such beauty and craftsmanship shouldn’t be limited to just one culture. There is no reason that this iconic garment can’t be enjoyed by people around the world. [...]

Anime on Stage


Booth Number(s): TBA Anime on Stage is the ONLY vendor of Japanese stage plays and musicals in the USA, as well as associated itabag fashion! Japanese musicals and stage plays Website:

Mintandapple x milkbun


Booth Number(s): TBA Cutest collaborative booth by two plant and animal obsessed anime dorks seeking to bring joy through their artwork!! Prints, enamel pins, lanyards, tshirts, sweaters, sketchbooks, miniprints, purses, backpacks, pop up acrylic standees, stickers and charms. Etsy:

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