The Art of Sheeprilyn and Loshka


Booth Number(s): TBA   Sheeprilyn and Loshka are freelance artists that sell charms, prints, stickers and even books of anime, fantasy, historical fiction and game art! They are also taking on-site watercolor commissions! Charms, Prints, Cosmetic Bags, Acrylic Stands, Postcards, Stickers, Original Artbooks, Original Graphic Novels Website: [...]

Michael & Michelle


Booth Number(s): TBA A team of 2 illustrators who make a variety of fan products. Our own artwork on various media. Wallscrolls, prints, lanyards, keychains. Website:



Booth Number(s): TBA Apari is an apparel brand that makes art in order to help everyone show off their truest self and pursue their honest hopes and dreams. Apparel, stickers, pins Website:

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