Booth Number(s): A22 Check out a big selection of cool prints (like pokeball interiors!) and video game inspired charms, zines, and pins (including animal overwatch pins!). Fanart and Original Art PrintsAcrylic CharmsMetal Enamel PinsArt ZinesAll art sold is drawn by me. Website:

The Art of Megan Maher


Booth Number(s): A25 Do you like cute things? Spooky things? Both? Like wacky road trips through Florida with a couple ghosts? Look no further! Spirit Rappings is a webcomic that's all of the above and more.If that's not your jam, Meg has tons of other art prints and merchandise to offer. Stop on by and [...]



Booth Number(s): A5 A local artist that would like to present her wares to others. Merch includes prints, stickers, keychains, buttons, and bookmarks. Booth combines today's interests as well as nostalgic series. Please stop by and say hello! \o/ Prints, Keychains, Stickers, Bookmarks, Buttons

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