Pandas and Bees


Booth Number(s):408  Three artists, three different styles, and more than three choices of fanart and original art goods. From anime fanart to kpop fanart to original works we have keychains, stickers, posters,artbooks, pencil and tote bags and more of unique handdrawn merch that can appeal to anyone! Keychains, prints, totebags, bookmarks, stickers, artbooks, and [...]



Booth Number(s):410  StarInMyPocket and Brittany's Designs will have their anime art for sale as prints, buttons, stickers and more! Anime art (especially a lot of chibi art) available as various sized prints, keychains, buttons, sketchbooks, stickers, and gift sets. Website:

The Art of Sheeprilyn and Loshka


Booth Number(s):204  Sheeprilyn and Loshka are freelance artists that sell charms, prints, stickers and even books of anime, fantasy, historical fiction and game art! They are also taking on-site watercolor commissions! Charms, Prints, Cosmetic Bags, Acrylic Stands, Postcards, Stickers, Original Artbooks, Original Graphic Novels Website: