No Capes Store


Booth Number(s): TBA Fabric and thread for eclectic geeky and abstract items. Blankets, pillows, purses, accessories, apparel, and more from varied fandoms and traditional ideas. We are a small family-centered operation focused on moving forward. Bags, purses, pillows, blankets, quilts, sleep masks, wall hangings. Website:

The Casual Warrior’s Kimono-Ya


Booth Number(s): TBA The Casual Warrior’s Kimono-ya was started in 2013 to share the beauty of kimono with the world. Though the kimono is a quintessentially Japanese garment, such beauty and craftsmanship shouldn’t be limited to just one culture. There is no reason that this iconic garment can’t be enjoyed by people around the world. [...]



Booth Number(s): TBA   StarInMyPocket and Brittany's Designs will have their anime art for sale as prints, buttons, stickers and more! Anime art (especially a lot of chibi art) available as various sized prints, keychains, buttons, sketchbooks, stickers, and gift sets. Website:

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