Pandas and Bees


Booth Number(s): TBA   Three artists, three different styles, and more than three choices of fanart and original art goods. From anime fanart to kpop fanart to original works we have keychains, stickers, posters,artbooks, pencil and tote bags and more of unique handdrawn merch that can appeal to anyone! Keychains, prints, totebags, bookmarks, stickers, [...]

Sugar Sews


Booth Number(s): TBA   Custom chainstitch embroidery on a 100 year old Singer machine, right before your eyes! Bring your denims or other garments, and have them personalized! Custom chainstitch embroidery, handmade fandom accessories: patches, shirts, mugs Website:

Squee Studio


Booth Number(s): TBA   Prints, stickers, and more soon to come! Cute and quirky is what we aim for, and we certainly hope we deliver! We love attending conventions and sharing our art, so we use this shop and our sales from each con to perpetuate going to more cons! Prints, Stickers, Buttons [...]

Surreal Makeup


Booth Number(s): TBA   All Natural, Hypoallergenic and Naturally Water Resistant Mineral Cosmetics that are great for Cosplay and Everyday Appliction. Mineral Cosmetics and Makeup Accessories. Hypoallergenic, Naturally Water Resistant and Cruelty Free. Great for Cosplay and Everyday Wear. Website:

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