Cosplay Deviants


Cosplay Deviants Booths: 807, 1008 Cosplay Deviants is an adult entertainment website that promotes the cosplay lifestyle. Cosplay (short for "costume play") has been a popular part of fan culture for years. Anime, comic, fantasy and science fiction conventions regularly encourage attendees to dress up in elaborate costumes of their favorite [...]

Twootie Tarte


Booth Number(s):610  Here comes Twootie Tarte to save the convention from con funk! Born with a passion for fragrances and a love for video games, Twootie Tarte combines amazing ideas that translate into bath products. We're the proud creators of the Pokemon Egg bath bomb, in addition to our hedgehog themed items, of which [...]

Pandas and Bees


Booth Number(s):408  Three artists, three different styles, and more than three choices of fanart and original art goods. From anime fanart to kpop fanart to original works we have keychains, stickers, posters,artbooks, pencil and tote bags and more of unique handdrawn merch that can appeal to anyone! Keychains, prints, totebags, bookmarks, stickers, artbooks, and [...]

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