Rabbit Crime


Rabbit Crime Rabbit Crime Rabbit Crime is an Orlando based DJ whose heart flies for early hardcore, mashcore, and rave. Their sample heavy, upbeat style will have you doing the caramelldansen and jumping to BPMs you should consult your doctor about. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ https://soundcloud.com/rabbitcrime



SNACK ATTACK SNACK ATTACK A juiced-up all-mix DJ duo, W.T. Snacks and DJ HYPE☆GIRL (aka Beck Attack) spin a variety of fresh jams as SNACK ATTACK! Dropping a unique smorgasbord of cute bangers together since 2016, HYPE☆GIRL brings the kawaii, while Snacks brings the yabai, and combined they've sandwiched all [...]



TheWalleh TheWalleh TheWalleh is a DJ based in Chicago, IL that has been tearing the roof off of convention raves and after parties since 2013. He is currently a resident DJ at the Virgin Commons Club in Chicago and runs the music site, “Robot Gospel” which focuses on evangelizing new/upcoming [...]