Michael Hamm


Michael Hamm Guest Biography: Michael Hamm is a Canadian geek, model, Cosplayer, and social media personality who has spent his entire life immersed in comic books, cartoons, and action figures. First attending conventions strictly as a fan, it [...]

Utahime Cosplay


Utahime Cosplay Guest Biography: Utahime is an actress, model and dancer that discovered her passion for cosplay while attending her first convention Anime Expo in 2014. She enjoys attending various comic book and anime conventions, where she has [...]

Hoku Props


Hoku Props Guest Biography: HokuProps is a team lead by propmaker Chad Hoku and seamstress Sammy Hoku. Chad's background in 3D has him designing props and costumes digitally and utilizing [...]

Lightning Cosplay


Lightning Cosplay Guest Biography: Laura and Ralf from Lightning Cosplay are two well known Cosplayer based in Germany. They have fascinated the world since 2012 with their elaborate and detailed costumes from games like [...]

TWIIN Cosplay


TWIIN Cosplay Guest Biography: TWIIN Cosplay is a cosplay duo formed by Shema and Juan. Both who started cosplaying four years ago and which during this time they have become one of the well known [...]

Diana “Binkxy” Tolin


Diana "Binkxy" Tolin Guest Biography: Diana ‘Binkxy’ Tolin is from Los Angeles, California and has been cosplaying for over 20 years.She has many years of judging experience, performance and craftsmanship awards, and is one of the few people to have attended [...]

December Cosplay


December Cosplay Guest Biography: December is an award winning cosplayer based in Denver, Colorado.  As of July 2019, she is one half of WCS Team USA 2020. December specializes in fabric dyeing, painting and sewing. Other areas of interest include [...]

Jihatsu Cosplay


Jihatsu Cosplay Guest Biography: Jihatsu is an up and coming Mid-West Cosplayer who started in the craft in 2012, currently living and creating cosplays in Des Moines, Iowa. Jihatsu is following his heart and pursuing this passion for cosplay by [...]

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