dj-Jo Guest Biography: Joseph Feliciano, also known as dj-Jo, is a DJ and Music Producer who got his start in 2012 in the electronic music scene. Jo has been most known for his anime & video game remixes and arrangements to [...]



RoboRob Guest Biography: RoboRob is a multi-genre producer/DJ currently based out of Tampa, FL. He's successfully remixed music from video games like Sonic Mania, Overwatch, Undertale, Chrono Trigger, and more. Just recently he's release "KINGDOM HEARTBEATS" which charted at #14 in electronic/dance sales [...]

Fortune Swan


Fortune Swan Guest Biography: FortuneSwan is a versatile performer/dj/songwriter that specializes in all types of club sounds such as house, jersey club, pop, all the way to hardcore and techno. His live performance is just as versatile, ranging from conventional dj [...]

Slow Shudder


Slow Shudder Guest Biography: Slow Shudder, real name Amanda Mayo, is a producer, DJ, vocalist & songwriter. Born in Miami, FL, and formerly based in New York City, London, and Los Angeles, she’s currently residing in Seattle, WA. Her versatile sound encompasses her [...]

James Landino


James Landino Guest Biography: James Landino is a leading force in the generation of video game music and game audio. From humble beginnings in Westbrook CT, James discovered a passion for video game music during his teens from playing rhythm games such as [...]

DJ Kino


DJ Kino Guest Biography: DJ KINO started djing in his senior year of high school but after finding other DJs and artist like dj-Jo, Moe Shop, and Macross 82-99 he decided to start looking around for anisong remixes and then implemented [...]