Wendy Powell


Wendy Powell Guest Biography: Texas-based actor Wendy Powell absolutely loves what she does, performing in all forms of media: film, television, radio, narration, and video games. But where her character-creating skills truly come [...]

Cafe Peko Peko


Cafe Peko Peko Guest Biography: Cafe Peko Peko was created by two best friends, Aki and Kisa, who were inspired by the Japanese sub-culture of anime and everything fuwa fuwa. They hope that fuwa feeling can be felt from here to you~! Café [...]

Joey “The Anime Man”


Joey "The Anime Man" Guest Biography: The Anime Man, better known as Joey, is a Japanese-Australian YouTuber. Boasting over 1.8 million subscribers, he is known as one of the biggest Anime YouTube personalities on the internet. Predominantly covering anime analysis, critiques and discussions, [...]

BriLan Imagery


BriLan Imagery Guest Biography: BriLan Imagery is a photographer specializing in Cosplay Photography, Alternative Fashion, Portraits, Modeling and Portfolio Building. He offers photography service which specializes in portrait and portfolio photography in the South Florida area and Central [...]



Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying Guest Biography: Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying is an improvisational, audience participation variety show starring Ray Chase, Robbie Daymond and Max Mittelman. Get ready for games, skits, music, comedy and PRIZES in this PG romp through [...]

Japan Minute


Japan Minute Guest Biography: JapanMinute (JMIN) just a group of individuals who do cosplay photography at conventions in addition to talking to voice actors. They bring a an amazing array of photography and composition in their portfolio. [...]

Lightning Cosplay


Lightning Cosplay Guest Biography: Laura and Ralf from Lightning Cosplay are two well known Cosplayer based in Germany. They have fascinated the world since 2012 with their elaborate and detailed costumes from games like [...]

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