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Akidearest Guest Biography: Akidearest is an otaku/anime Youtuber with over 2 million subscribers. Aki’s content mainly revolves around otaku fandom and anime culture- from reviews, parodies, skits, and rants.She has also included Japanese culture/vlog content since her recent move to Japan in January [...]

DJ Kino


DJ Kino Guest Biography: DJ KINO started djing in his senior year of high school but after finding other DJs and artist like dj-Jo, Moe Shop, and Macross 82-99 he decided to start looking around for anisong remixes and then implemented [...]

Boffer Pit


Arcade4Homes Guest Biography: Heroes of HolMat Ever wanted to battle your friends, foes, and rivals in 1v1 or more combat!?! Then join the “Heroes of HolMat” at the Dungeons & Dragons themed Boffer Pit! This year’s Tournament Champion will win a Dungeons & [...]

Carolina Manga Library


Carolina Manga Library Guest Biography: The Carolina Manga Library was founded by librarians who love manga and graphic novels. Since their debut at NashiCon 2013, they've traveled to several conventions in the U.S. sharing the love of literacy through our favorite medium. Their [...]

Nexus Gaming Alliance


Nexus Gaming Alliance Guest Biography: We don't just bring the party... we blow it up! Bringing to your city Professional Equipment and gaming goodness. Come out and play! You will not be disappointed and you will leave with great memories! Using our mass [...]

Cynthia Cranz


Cynthia Cranz Guest Biography: Cynthia Cranz is an American actress primarily known for her voice work dubbing anime. The Fort Worth Texas Native first began acting professionally in 1993, when she [...]

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