Guest Contact & FAQ

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We accept guest applications year round. Unfortunately, due to timing requirements, we are required to choose our guests within the first 4 months of the year. As such, we use previous year’s Guest Applications as well as current year Guest Applications to provide a varied schedule of guests that everyone can enjoy!

All guests must generally fit into the Anime, Gaming, or Cosplay genres. Guests not relating to these Genres are usually not considered.

All guests must be able to show up for all three days of the convention, with some exceptions.

We do not have a specific requirement on the size of audience, popularity of the guest, or the social media presence.

We generally look for guests that establish themselves as a great guest that our attendees will enjoy. We recommend that you provide an application that gives us plenty of information on your guest potential.

Beyond that, we cannot recommend any additional tips, as our guest selection process is not a set-in-stone process. It is wildly fluid, and is never the same for each year.

Guest Relations cannot help you with ticketing information. If you have issues with your ticketing information, please use our attendee contact form.

Please contact our Guest Relations Team!