Staff Contact & FAQ

Many questions can be answered from this page. What question do you have?

All staff must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be 18 as of December 1st of the Convention Year you wish to work.
    • Please note, December 1st is on purpose, you will be required to sign a contract by this date, which, in the state of Florida, minors cannot sign contracts.
  • You must be able to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Convention.

Each staff will be interviewed individually to meet specific requirements of each position.

Staff will receive:

  • A free staff pass to Holiday Matsuri
  • A free T-Shirt for Holiday Matsuri
  • Two meals provided by Holiday Matsuri each day
  • Back end experience in learning how a convention works
  • Free Hotel Stay at Holiday Matsuri
    • Hotel stay will be shared with other convention staff.
We will be hosting a Staff Meeting prior to the opening of the registration room on Thursday, so it will be highly recommended for those to appear by 5pm on Thursday.

We have decided to discontinue the Volunteer/Access Control system, and all that are helping making the awesome show of Holiday Matsuri happen will be on Staff!

Please contact our Leadership Team!