Panel Terms and Conditions


By applying to the Panel Application, Applicants agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below.


“Applicant” is a person or group of persons that submit an application to the Panel System.

“Attendee” is a person that attends an Event run by the Organizer.

“Credentials” are physical items that represent an Attendee’s access to an Event run by the Organizer.

“Event” is an occurrence of one of the Organizer’s happenings that occurs at the specified Venue. 

“Host” is a person appointed by the Applicant to run the Panel listed in the Application.

“Organizer” is HMConventions LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation that runs a convention (“Event”) in Orlando, Florida.

“Panel” is a presentation or performance that is put on by the Applicant and their Hosts.

“Venue” is the physical location of the Event run by the Organizer.


The Organizer has limited availability on the Schedule of the Event. The Organizer does not make any guarantees that a Panel can be hosted at the Event, and makes no guarantees on the capabilities of technology in the room.

The Organizer will make the room available for Hosts to enter the room 10 minutes at least prior to the specified start time. Hosts must exit the room by 5 minutes after the specified end time.


The Organizer curates Applications and reserves the right to refuse or accept any Application on any criteria they deem necessary. The Organizer will not share the data of any review with anyone, including the Applicant.

Soft/Hard Cap

The Organizer has instituted a Soft and Hard Cap on the number of applications that the Panel Application can receive. When the Soft Cap is hit, a 2 week countdown begins (the “cutoff date”). At the end of the countdown, any Applications placed after this point will be placed into a secondary queue to be reviewed after the Applications and scheduling of any Applications placed prior to the cutoff date.

In the event that the Hard Cap is reached, no further Applications may be placed.

Forbidden Panel Types

The following panel types are not permitted under any circumstances:

  • Live Cooking
  • Distribution of Food Drink (including pre-packaged, sealed food)
  • Use of liquids, gels, or sols (such as Whipped Cream, Silly String, etc.)
  • Use of confetti or glitter
  • Live use or presentation of props in violation of our Prop Guidelines (video/slide presentation of these items are ok)
  • Full nudity
  • Smoking (including vaping)
  • Gambling
  • Buy/Sell/Trade panels

The following panel subjects are not permitted under any circumstances:

  • Distribution or promotion of illegal services, methods, materials, and goods
  • Photoshoot panels
  • Gaming tournaments
  • Promotion of hate, exclusion, harassment or bullying.


The Organizer does not make any guarantees on the attendance of guests, staff, or Attendees at the Panel. While the Organizer will put the Panel on the publicly available schedule, it is the Applicant and Host’s responsibility to advertise that the Panel is being run.

All that are in attendance of the panel must have valid Credentials to the Event for the day of the Panel. The Organizer will refuse access to any individual that does not have valid Credentials to attend, including Hosts. Hosts or Applicant may refuse not refuse entry to any individual that has valid Credentials to attend. In the event that an Attendee of the Panel becomes disruptive, the Hosts or Applicant may ask the Organizer’s public safety staff to remove the individual.

It is the responsibility of each individual that wishes to host or attend a Panel to acquire valid Credentials to host or attend the Panel. Organizer will not provide any Credentials (temporary or otherwise) to any individuals that wish to host or attend the Panel. In order to apply, an Applicant must have already pre-purchased Credentials to the Event.


The Organizer will send compensation to the Applicant through the digital systems associated with the ticketing application. Such compensation will be sent within 1 month of the last day of the Event. This compensation will only be offered once per Panel, regardless of the size, type, number of Hosts, or makeup of the Panel. Compensation will not be offered if Hosts do not appear to run the Panel.

Organizer will provide a flat refund to the Applicant on the following schedule:

  • 1 Hour of Scheduled Content: $20
  • 1.5 Hours of Scheduled Content: $30
  • 2 Hours of Scheduled Content: $40

Hosts are free to ask for donations during the Panel, but may not refuse entry if payment is not provided by any Attendee that has valid Credentials.


The Applicant, Hosts, or the Organizer may cancel the Panel at any time with prior written notice for any reason. If no Hosts arrive at the specified time to host the event, the Organizer may bar Applicants and Hosts from hosting panels in future Event years.


The Organizer does not agree to any exclusivity of any Panel idea or fandom. The Organizer cannot guarantee that a Panel of the same fandom or idea will or will not be present at the Event.