When one world ends, we must carry on to create anew. Drawing inspiration from both the alternative music and idol scenes in Japan, Melancholiaah is an original J-rock and J-pop idol who turns his true emotions, fears, and thoughts into music in hopes to discover how the world can still be beautiful in the state we are in. His work can be heard on KONAMI’s arcade releases “beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS” and the newest installment of DDR, “Dance Dance Revolution A20” in Japan. In 2019, he released his first E.P. physically and digitally titled “世界の終わりで会いましょう。let’s meet at the end of the world.” featuring tracks produced by Melancholiaah himself, BEMANI artist Akira Complex, Creep-P, DJ Amaya, and many more with great success, leading to two singles released in 2020, “Last Paradise” and “puzzle box”, produced by BEMANI artist KIRAKU and Kamikaze Bitch. His first full album in 2021 titled “The Diary of Our Years Together” went to great heights reaching over 7,000 listens in the first week, featuring tracks produced by Japanese rock bands “For Tracy Hyde” and “NUIT”, leading to the release of his second E.P. titled “IN MY SUNSET” featuring tracks produced by Japanese rock band “LUNE” and legendary shoegaze band “Cruyff in The Bedroom”. Additionally in 2019, Melancholiaah has gained large recognition for the “Toad sings…” videos on Youtube, Twitter, and Tiktok alike with over 79,000 subscribers. Melancholiaah has travelled across country to perform his music from small cities like Wichita Falls, Texas, all the way to New Jersey and even larger events like Anime Weekend Atlanta in Georgia. His goal is to create a feeling of love and acceptance with each other, and most of all, oneself with his performances. Crying out into the new world, he hopes to connect with everyone through voice.

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