SparkleStache Cosplay

Joining the amazing lineup of Ultimate Cosplay Championship Guests we welcome SparkleStache Cosplay!


Sparkle Stache is an outgoing cosplayer and Actress from Sacramento, CA. Like many creators among the community, her expertise in creation is mixed with many factors. She enjoys working specifically with EVA foam and paints; but is also very talented with foam clay, needlework, wig manipulation, SFX makeup, prosthetics, large-scale props, and many other materials. The use of these skills has helped Sparkle create a collection of fantastic costumes and props. She is an award winning Cosplayer that has a natural gift for public speaking, stage presence, and entertainment. She has worked professionally for Shueisha Inc., Tencent Games, and many more. She has many awards under her belt including a judges choice award from Wondercon 2017, Cosplay Masquerade Judge Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019, and many more. At conventions, while streaming, or through social media, she has a very enthusiastic and magnetic personality. You can find her on Twitch streaming Cosplay creation streams as well as playing games with viewers.