Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Discover Limitless Possibilities at Holiday Matsuri – Unleash Your Brand’s Magic!

Holiday Matsuri proudly stands as the largest and most celebrated anime convention in the heart of Florida. Each year, we curate a mesmerizing three-day spectacle that unites anime enthusiasts, gamers, cosplayers, and pop culture aficionados from all corners of the nation. Step into the spotlight and reach an immense audience of anime enthusiasts, gamers, and holiday revelers through our sponsorship and advertising opportunities. From eye-catching digital placements to prominent on-site displays, your brand will shine amidst the anime magic. Tap into the holiday spirit and captivate the hearts of thousands as you unveil your offerings to a receptive and enthusiastic crowd at the largest anime event in Florida.

Key Statistics

In 2022, Holiday Matsuri achieved remarkable milestones, welcoming an astounding 24,000 unique visitors and recording over 54,000 turnstile attendance, setting new records for our convention’s success. Furthermore, our event has been consistently growing at an impressive rate of 20% to 24% year on year. These impressive figures speak to the immense popularity and influence of Holiday Matsuri within the anime community and underscore the exceptional opportunity for sponsors to connect with a massive and engaged audience. As the largest anime convention in Florida, Holiday Matsuri continues to captivate and excite fans, making it the perfect platform for brands to showcase their products and services to a receptive and passionate demographic.

Contact us today to explore the diverse sponsorship and advertising opportunities available and find the one that best aligns with your company’s goals. Let’s unite in the enchantment of anime and the holidays, creating an unforgettable experience at Holiday Matsuri
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