Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Agreement

By purchasing a ticket through the Organizer’s website or at the convention or attending an Organizer’s Event, Purchasers and Attendees agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below.


“Organizer” is HMConventions LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation that runs a convention (“Event”) in Orlando, Florida.

“Purchaser” is a person who is looking to purchase Credentials for an Event run by the Organizer.

“Credentials” are physical items that represent an Attendee’s access to an Event run by the Organizer.

“Venue” is the physical location of the Event run by the Organizer.

“Attendee” is a person who attends an Event run by the Organizer.

“Event” is an occurrence of one of the Organizer’s happenings that occurs at the specified Venue.

While the Organizer strives to keep all Attendees apprised of changes, the Organizer does not make any guarantees on the availability of guests, activities, accommodations, transportation, schedule, or opening hours. The Organizer also does not make any guarantees on the availability of purchasing Credentials for any Event; Events can sell out, and the Organizer does not guarantee that a Purchaser will be able to purchase Credentials once an event is sold out.

Attendance Requirements
Each Attendee shall:
Observe the rules, policies, and procedures of the Event
Behave in a respectful manner towards all that attend the Event

Attendees must display Credentials at all times while attending an Organizer’s Event. Attendees that do not display proper Credentials while attending the event will be removed from the Event.

The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to any Attendee, remove any Attendee from the Event, and/or block them from an Online Event Platform, without liability, if, in the Organizer’s sole discretion, it determines that any of the following:
The Attendee does not display/have proper Credentials to attend the Event.
The Attendee violates a rule or policy that is laid out in the Rules and Regulations.
The Attendee commits an illegal act
The Attendee disrupts/threatens to disrupt the Event or harasses/injures an Attendee at the Event
The Attendee damages property of the Venue, Organizer, or another Attendee
The Attendee threatens the safety (including online) of Attendees, Contractors, or Employees of the Event or Venue
In such circumstances, the Attendee is not entitled to a refund or ticket forwarding.

Payment in full of any applicable fees for the Event is due upon registration. If such payment is insufficient or declined for any reason, the Organizer will refuse issuance of any Credentials and refuse entry to the Event. If Fees are charged back to the Organizer, Credentials will be canceled and will not be issued.
Delivery of Credentials
Shipping of Credentials will occur sometime in the month prior to the Event. Organizer does not make any guarantees on when shipping will begin or when Credentials will arrive at the Purchaser’s address.

The Organizer strives to ship out all Credentials purchased with the Ship Your Badge addon in a timely manner. The Organizer is not responsible for the mail, or delivery of the mail by mail providers, once it has been delivered to these mail providers. The Organizer is not responsible for incorrect addresses provided by Purchasers. In the event that a package has been returned to the Organizer by the mail providers, the Ship Your Badge addon will be automatically refunded. Purchasers may pick up their Credentials at the Event in this case.

Organizer is not responsible for any lost or stolen Credentials.
Organizer is not responsible for Credentials shipped to the wrong address as a result of incorrect entry by the Purchaser.

‘Ship Your Badge’ must be purchased prior to 12:00 AM on November 9th, 2022. Once this time passes, Ship Your Badge add-ons may not be purchased.

Only Adult Admission Badges can be shipped using Ship Your Badge. Merchandise, child admission, and admission to additional events will not be shipped.

Pick Up of Credentials
Credentials that were not shipped using Ship Your Badge are available for pickup during the Event.
Purchasers must bring the QR Code emailed to them to receive their Credentials or a valid government-issued photo identification with the First and Last Name listed on the order.

Forever Festive
The Organizer is selling a product called “Forever Festive” (previously known as “Founder”). These passes entitle the purchaser to assign one (1) Forever Festive benefit to one (1) individual. This assignment is made at purchase, and, once this assignment has been made, it cannot be changed. This assignment cannot be transferred for any reason. The Forever Festive product cannot be refunded for any reason.

The Forever Festive benefit grants one (1) VIP Badge per Event year for the lifetime of the Event. This badge grants the Forever Festive benefit holder access to all areas of the Event that are accessible to VIP Badge holders. On the first year of purchase, the Forever Festive benefit also grants the purchaser one (1) VIP merch package, which can be picked up at the Event’s merchandise booth. In subsequent years, Forever Festive benefit holders may purchase a VIP merch package for a fee. Forever Festive beneficiaries may purchase a Ship Your Pass package to have their badge mailed to their home address. If the Forever Festive beneficiary fails to pick up their badge, and they did not purchase the Ship Your Pass addon, it will not be shipped to them, and the Organizer will not offer any additional benefit for missing a year.

In order for the Forever Festive benefit to be distributed to the individual, they must bring their valid photo government ID to the VIP registration counter. The name on the identification must match the individual the Forever Festive benefit was assigned to. If the Organizer discovers a Forever Festive benefit being shared, given, or sold to another individual, then that benefit may be canceled permanently without refund.

Storage of Consumer Data
The data that is collected in the purchasing of Credentials is stored on servers supplied by third parties. This data is stored on secure servers that encrypt private information. The Organizer does not store any credit card information: this information is stored by 3rd party payment processors. Addressing information and identifying information is stored securely on Organizer servers.

Sharing of Consumer Data
The Organizer does not share any consumer information with third parties, except in the need to purchase or ship credentials to Purchasers. Shipping information is shared with mailing providers to ship credentials while Billing Information and Credit Card information is shared with payment processors to process payments for Credentials.

For most Credentials and Physical Goods: Credentials purchased prior to October 15 prior to the Event may be refunded within 168 hours (7 days) of the purchase date. After October 15 (or 7 days after your purchase date, whichever comes first), refunds cannot be issued, but the Organizer can provide equivalent Credentials comparable to what the Purchaser paid for in the following year’s Event. The Purchaser must make a Credentials forwarding request by December 31 of the year of purchase. Forwarding requests after this date will not be accepted after this date.

There are no refunds for Forever Festive/Founder purchases.
All donation-type tickets (Benefit Ball) cannot be refunded or transferred for any reason.
Physical Goods purchases cannot be forwarded. Physical goods not picked up at the convention will not be refunded or shipped to the Purchaser.

Refunds issued include Ticket Price and Tax. Refunds cannot be issued on the Processing Fees.
When picking up Credentials, visiting an event, or getting food or drink, Attendees may need to stand in line. The Organizer strives to make lines as short as possible, but, during busy times, lines can be lengthy. Attendees understand they may be required to stand in these lines and Organizer is not responsible for the length or duration of the wait that Attendees must wait in line. Refunds, discounts, or free items will not be given due to the length of a line, or when a line is cut off due to maximum attendance.

Health and Safety
Attendees of the Organizer’s Event agree that attending these Events is an inherent risk. Attendees agree that travel to and attendance at the Event is at their own risk and is not the responsibility of the Organizer or its employees or affiliates. The Organizer is not obligated to provide advice or assistance related to arriving or participating in the Event.

Changes to Event
The Organizer strives to provide a schedule that is correct at the time of publication, but cancellations, delays, and other unforeseen circumstances can happen. The Organizer will strive to keep Attendees informed of changes to the Schedule, Guest availability, and room opening hours. Refunds may not be issued due to changes in the Event or Guest schedule.

The Organizer agrees to protect all data provided to the Organizer by Purchasers under the requirements of Data Protection Laws. In order to fulfill obligations to Purchasers, the Organizer does share personal and purchase information with third parties for the purpose of providing service in relation to Events, including, but not limited to: Event registration, communications, event access, dining, payment processing, post-event feedback, quality checks, participation verification (including for sanctions and trade control purposes).

For more information regarding the privacy of your personal data, please review our Privacy Policy at: .

The Organizer assumes no liability on the compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding the ability of the Attendee to attend the Event.
Force Majure
In this clause, “Force Majure” refers to circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer, Venue, or any other affiliate which would result in the prevention of hosting an Event, or would make it impracticable, illegal, or impossible for the Organizer to host the Event.

In this case, the Organizer shall make reasonable efforts to reschedule the Event, switch the Event from a physical to an Online event. If the Organizer is unable to host the Event in its entirety then the Organizer shall provide credentials forward to an Event in the following calendar year or a refund if the Purchaser requests it.

Purchasers agree that the platform and all material, including text, images, photographs, marks, insignias, logos, or other graphics or artwork created or licensed by the Organizer is the copyrighted property of the Organizer, and may not be used, reproduced, or shared with anyone without express written permission.

The Organizer contracts groups to take pictures and record their Events. Attendees agree to release a free, commercial, perpetual, unlimited, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable license on their likeness and voice to the Organizer for reproduction and sharing of these pictures, videos, and audio recordings of the Event to be used in advertising, discussion, or any other materials deemed necessary by the Organizer.

Resolution of Disputes
Attendees agree to not dispute any charges from the Organizer, unless an effort in good faith to rectify the situation directly with the Organizer has been made, and those efforts have failed. Any credits issued by the Organizer, for any reason, will not exceed the amount originally paid by the Purchaser.

Parties agree that all disputes arising from this agreement shall be governed by laws of the United States, in the State of Florida, in Hillsborough County, and consent to the exclusive jurisdiction, venue, and forum of any state or federal court in Hillsborough County, Florida. The Organizer shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney fees and costs resulting from any action to collect unpaid invoices. In addition, in the event that either party brings an action as the result of a dispute resulting from this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney fees and costs, including those on appeal.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
The Organizer reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions at any time. If the Organizer makes any material changes to these Terms and Conditions, the Organizer shall update the website and platform to include such changes.

Date of Last Revision: November 10, 2022