TheWalleh W Howdy peeps, I'm TheWalleh internationally obscure DJ who travels the country throwing down for conventions and nerdy after parties like Holiday Matsuri, Cosplay Deviants, The Green Cat Cabaret and more. I'm apart of the PMNoctem Promotions group in Tampa, FL and provide DJ support for Jackson's TOGETHER AS [...]



PolyKarp P PolyKarp is an Orlando based producer and DJ specializing in K-Pop, J-Pop, and anime remixes. Known for very versatile performances, he brings a wide range of energy to any party. Whether it be feel good house music or heavy hitting trap tunes, he’s got you covered. Connect with the Polykarp: [...]



DJ Jo djJo is a unique dj performer of Anime remixes, and EDM based in Florida. Blending aspects of heavy electronic music into Anime soundtracks presented through a distinct setup, dj-Jo strives to bring something different into the world of EDM performances. With a sizable internet presence, dj-Jo connects with many [...]

Raziki Slice


Raziki Slice Raziki Slice is the collaborative effort between Dylan Kirkpatrick, and a small bird named Raziki that lives under his hat. They've DJ'd at a wide variety of events and clubs, ranging from weekly at "The Regency" in Springfield MO, headlined internationally at Anime North in Toronto, and a talent scout winner at [...]